After the title tag, meta description tag is another factor to get the most out of the search engine result pages (SERPs). Unfortunately, many webmasters pay very little (or no) attention to this under-rated SEO element, and as a result, they lose more than 50% of their traffic on the SERPs. Yes! When your webpage […]

Almost half of the fate of your web page is decided on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is there that the user decides whether or not they will benefit from your content. Those few words that appear in the search results, known as webpage title,  are all you’ve got to make your first […]

The queries/phrases typed by users in search engines for information hunting are called keywords. These are the first pillar of SEO for any website.  Indeed, we can say that there would not be any concept of search engine optimization without keywords. What are Keywords in SEO? Keywords are the key thing that drives traffic to […]

On-page basic elements are those elements which are of great importance for a webpage, from search engines’ perspectives as well as from users’ standpoints. These elements primarily set the background of a webpage. Search engines, when visiting any webpage, take keywords and phrases from these basic elements and set them as primary keywords for that […]

All those elements that can be handled directly by the webmasters and also impact search engine rankings are called on page seo elements. On page factors are actually the key elements that are responsible for building most of the trust among search engines for any website to give it better ranks. These factors include title, […]

When we talk about search engine optimization we primarily point out those search engine optimization techniques that help a website to get ranked in search engines. There are hundreds of such factors that build a website’s trust among people and search engines and eventually help a website for ranking at favorable positions. These factors have […]

When user searches something in search engines, they show two types of results i.e. organic and paid. See the image below to differentiate natural search vs paid search results. See the clear differentiation between ppc and seo results in the image. The red section is those website owners who cannot wait long for traffic, so, […]

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process of getting traffic naturally from search engines. WWW (World Wide Web) is an accumulation of billions of webpages containing different sort of information that cannot be search by human. So, here come the search engines and do this job for them. They collect the information from […]