Are You Ready to Audit Your Website?

WebBee is a desktop based SEO Spider which crawls your website with major search engines’ perspectives and guidelines. It crawls all bits from a website and let the user know which areas are correct and where a fruitful effort is required.

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Learn How to Work It?

Easy Install

One click installation and it’s ready to go. Just download the WebBee SEO Spider executable (.exe) file. Double click the setup and install it in your selected location. Its Done!

Easy Settings

By default configured settings have generically set. For custom crawling see user guide. Don’t worry. Its easy.

User Interface

Feel the joy of GUI updating. With the help of this Feature, you can easily update the GUI of the WeBbee with single click. Give a whole new look, feel a difference.

Custom Crawl

Search Engine Optimization has lot more to do with custom Crawl. Crawl the website as you want to.

Test It

Just one step ahead from being audited your website. Download, input, click and go. Here you got the best summarized data for analysis.

What It Has?

Keywords Intelligence

Retrieve all keywords of your/competitor with WebBee, keywords placement and their conflicts summary.

Custom Robots.txt

Test which robots.txt file is best suit for your website by allowing and disallowing different parameters in URL.

Advance Reporting

Download advance Reports with WebBee and make your audit more accurate.

Crawl Summary

Get crawl summary on your computer with single click.


Today is the day to save time and get faster. Get your website’s sitemaps crawled with one button click and save your time.

Knowledge Base

Get SEO Knowledge on search basis in Keyword Intelligence Mode and update your knowledge with this extra ordinary feature.

Perform SEO Audit

Do website audit with one click. Analyse the reports and implement the suggested changes. This was not that easy before.

Add Schema Markup

Read our schema implementation guide and add the markup on your website today. Its easy as 2+2=4

Why WebBee?

Among countless reasons, we can simply list basic reasons for choosing us like below:

Extra Features

  • Webbee has five 5 different crawl modes. These modes provides you the flexibility in crawl your website Read more..
  • This spider has option to crawl your website with custom user agents. To know about available user agents Click here
  • Now its very easy to download webmaster 404 on single click with WebBee Read More


We’ve been extremely impressed with WebBee SEO Spider. The data was very helpful for us to analyse our as well as competitor’s websites. We now have clearly defined strategies about what to do. Highly recommended by SEO Marketing Company.

Quality Work

We guarantee the quality we provide to our customers. User satisfaction is our first norm.